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I am no longer taking patients at this time. Thank you for the last 30 years

– Mark Trombold PT

Seattle, WA
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The synergy of Physical Therapy and Muscle Activation Techniques

MAT has been Mark’s most powerful tool when it comes to getting his patients back to full function. This, combined with his extensive medical knowledge from his physical therapy education, enables him to also identify and treat pathologies that are not associated with neuromuscular inhibition.

When a person commits to taking an active role to improve their life, beautiful things happen! It takes work, focus and dedication to be healthy and fully functional, but life is so worth that! 

Physical Therapist doing Muscle Activation Techniques on a Woman


MAT is a neuromuscular assessment and treatment process aimed at addressing the root cause of dysfunction rather that just treating the symptoms.

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Woman doing exercise for physical therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a healthcare specialty directed at helping individuals to develop, maintain and restore maximum body movement and physical function.

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Mark Trombold Physical Therapist

About Mark

Mark has had the honor and joy of helping people to find hope and regain their maximum function through his practice in physical therapy for the last 30 years.

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Physical Therapist explaining to a young woman how the hips work.

Guest Reviews

Mark Trombold is awesome! I started working with Mark (co-owner with his wife Anne-Marie) at Proformance for a fully ruptured achilles. He listens and tailors his therapy to suit what your mind wants with what your body is able to actually do. Mark puts time and work into your rehab and shows you exercises and stretches you need to do to help in your own recovery. He is also one of the few physical therapists who knows MAT (Muscle Activation Technique or Therapy).

Over the years, I’ve had a dislocated thumb and an injury to my elbow (muscle tears). I’ve always gone back to Proformance for rehab because I trust Mark. He’s that good.

S. Johnson

Their use of Muscle Activation Technique completely changed my quality of life for the better. I had done many different types of physical therapy every year for over a decade, following a slew of repair surgeries that added as many problems as they fixed. This was by far the most effective of any of the other types. When any family member needs PT, I won’t take/send them anywhere else!
Carolyn Landisman

I suffered a shoulder injury in 2009 from a wake boarding accident. Mark and Anne-Marie did some really good work and got me back in action faster than I ever thought imaginable! They used some really impressive technique called Muscle Activation Techniques. I loved it SO much that when I broke my neck about 5 months ago, I saw them again! I have made a full recovery and am excited I know of this very dependable clinic for rehab. Thanks!
Zach Perry

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Cash/Credit Only

In order to bring patients the best possible care, Mark has decided to move to a cash-based model for his new practice.

The restrictions placed by third-party payers (insurance companies) has often interfered with his ability to help his patients to reach their optimal goals by limiting visits and dictating what and how he must treat. Additionally, the cost of billing and collecting payments from third-party payers, as well as the difficulties in negotiating rates, has made running a small, solo practice non-viable under that model.

Cancellation Policy

If you do not cancel or reschedule your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, then a $125 cancelation fee will be charged.

How Cash Only Works
Mark will continue to see patients for a full hour of quality one on one treatment. At the end of the session, payment of $150 will be collected via cash, check, VISA, MasterCard or HSA card. If requested, a “Superbill” will be provided which will contain all of the necessary information you will need to submit to your insurance company. You should then be able to initiate reimbursement from your insurance company at your “Out-of-network” benefit rate.

Please note that since Mark’s gift is in treating patients and not in insurance related issues, it will be your responsibility to know how the cash-based model will affect you before you come in. This can be done by calling the “Member Services” number on the back of your insurance card.

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